A. Eva Consultant Italy

Jacob is very intuitive and sharp, and very good at actively listening and giving the right feedback at the right moment. He was brilliant in guiding me to find what causes me trouble. And at the same time he was very smart in finding the path that leads to solve that. His way of doing hypnosis was really powerful, it allowed me to go deep in my subconscious and let my rational side go on vacation for a while (that is strongly recommended for everyone who's an over-thinker like me!). I highly suggest to ask for his support if you want to free yourself of old patterns no longer needed and reach your goals in life.

Ella A. Hawaii

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jacob and the work he does through a friend who highly recommended him. I have also trained in lots of modalities of healing techniques but Hypnotherapy has always intrigued me. I had session years ago that was very powerful so was excited to have a session with Jacob. He has a vast knowledge of experience and a lovely, kind and gentle manner. He tuned into what I needed very quickly and found the root causes of some of my major stumbling blocks in life and my current situation. Jacob made me feel very comfortable and has a soothing voice which I think is super important with hypnotherapy. The session was calming, relaxing and a wonderful journey, I felt we really cleared some major blocks in the session and felt lighter and brighter afterwards and that feeling continued in the following days. Jacob is a very intuitive, calm and empathetic person and makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease. Thanks so much for all your help.

Mira N.

Jacob helped me so much to grow into myself and my potential. We have worked together several times in the past year. I was having anxiety after working on some old family trauma. I was feeling old pain and I told him the emotions that were coming up and the difficulty that I was having, so he did a regression with me. It was really incredible to get deep into the hypnosis, to see the suggestions vividly and then to go back in my life. I had a huge emotional release and when guided out, Jacob told me that the old pain wouldn’t bother me anymore. I felt so much more relaxed and calm after the session. Also, over the week, I started to feel different than before, much more whole and able to feel my emotions in a more balanced way. Jacob is very adept at recognising what areas need to be addressed through hypnosis. The effects are amazing. We continue to work together to get deeper, using past life regression and guided meditations. It is so incredible what the mind is capable of! Thank you Jacob for helping me to access my potential in a new way!

Peter-Vincent Schuld

Working in the media is a stressful life. Being a journalist who cares about his mission, his life is under constant stress. Any person under stress is vulnerable to a variety of issues; Sleeping disorders, difficulties to focus. And the path to the liquor store is the worst option. I know Jacob for several years. And we trust each other. He knows more than others the meaning of living under high stress. With hypnosis he was able to eradicate a lot of those stress levels. I use the word "eradicate" on purpose, because it is strong. Yet, in the shaman era, it was a harmless measure, another tool for the vulnerable mind. The hypnosis worked, I felt relieved from the menace of a breakdown. Everyone has his limits. Previous to the session I thought that "I don't have any limits", Well, yes I have. And again I encountered them. After Jacob arrived and helped me the stress has gone.

Anat Nadir Israel

My name is Anat. I am a professional engineer, group coach, lecturer and manager of the Nadir-Center Learning, for growth and proximity. I was and still am in the midst of a period of profound change in my emotional eating patterns. To support my process, I decided to join Jacob's sessions of hypnosis. I discovered and experienced a powerful depth process that helped me in releasing limiting beliefs, deep patterns, fears. Jacob is a professional, attentive therapist who allows a sense of security that is so essential to such a process. Highly recommend.

Inbal H. Photographer

Dear Jacob, Thank you for a great sessions and the opportunity to know a special person like you. You put your energy, time (much more than I paid for) gave your heart, love for my success. You really cared that I’ll arrive to my goal, I felt it was important for you. I appreciate it a lot and wish you big success in your beautiful way helping people to succeed Thank you and big hug.

S. Chikhani

I would very much like to thank Jacob Shekrel for his mentoring, it has help be more specific and clear with my goals. A real eye opener! I now have the tools to achieve my goals and create a life of freedom. Thank You

Marco G.

My first mentoring experience in 3 words: Fascinating, Humorous, Worthwhile. Jacob helped discovering a side of my consciousness that I was never able to access before, with his professionally, simplicity and ability of creating a connection between the two of us, I now finally made a commitment to my goals. Thank you Chief

R. Bouchard Canada

I just finish my session with my Jacob Shekrel and it was shocking for me. I was not ready to hear this about me. I think Its going be a very interesting journey because i get out of my comfort zone.

K. M. Austin USA

My sessions with Jacob have been super helpful and eye opening. I'm learning so many practicals which I feel will make this different from any other business I've pursued. Thank you again and look forward to working with you.

Chandeep C. UK

Jacob is one of the best coaches and mentors that has helped me progress not only in business but in life. The way he teaches and gets his message across has helped me and will benefit you. You will always be looking forward to talking and getting everything you can out of is experience and knowledge.

Cindy M. Australia

Thank you Jacob for your amazing generosity and wealth of knowledge and experience that you willingly imparted. You are a true inspiration and brilliant mentor. You have given me the confidence to develop and grow my own business. I now have the tools to earn passive income and live the life I chose.

C. K. Eisaman USA

Jacob Shekrel! His contagious positive attitude and method is not just refreshing but life changing. He reminds me to be open minded and willing to accept every situation as a lesson. His suggestions help keep me upbeat and actually excited to see what pops up next! No BS.

T. Craigwell Barbados

I have found Jacob Shekrel to be exceptional. Jacob has a very pleasant personality, he was a wonderful listener, caring and knowledgeable. Jacob has helped me to focus on my life's top 5 goals and set-up timeframes and action plans to achieve them. I love his way of teaching and being incredible as he is.

L. Norris USA

I love having Jacob as my mentor! He is very thorough & professional, yet I am very comfortable with him. Even though we've never met, being mentored by Jacob is very much like being mentored by a dear friend. I feel he wants me to succeed as much as I do. I think he's the best part of my team. I will always appreciate what Jacob does for me.

J. R. McCain USA

me excellent session and was very encouraging. I'm looking forward to work with him again soon.

V. Schafer Austria

Thank you very much Jacob for this awesome session call about mindset and focus! That's the way to success! I'm very happy and excited to grow my business with your help!