About the TRANSFORMATIONAL RESTART Method - Hypnotherapy Treatment

When people ask me since when does the method which I developed, exist?
I get stuck for a moment without an answer.

Although I started developing my method in 2018, since then it has undergone several improvements and updates.
Yet, the truth is that it took me over 35 years to build the knowledge, tools and capabilities that I use when I work with my method.
During those years, I experienced difficulties, crises, falls and also many successes.
And today when I have a conversation with a man or a woman who is experiencing a crisis in their lives, I can understand what they are going through and the depth of their emotions, however not just theoretically as knowledge learned at the university.

During the life and childhood, many are facing difficulties and traumas which leaves emotional “scars” — hurting their self-confidence and self-esteem.
Because of that, insecurity people give over importance to the opinion of others. Resulting in increasing frustration and stress.

As they grow older, they convince themselves to forget and ignore the old hurt memories. After all, those events occurred decades ago and they want to continue with their lives…

Yet, people are not aware that it doesn’t matter how much they want to forget these memories. The hurtful emotions keep to ferment inside and poison their life.

These hurtful emotions continue to manage their decision making which is based on the patterns of insecurity and the lack of self-esteem.

People look for the easy, external solutions of the conventional methods;
Like years of psychological therapy, or the use of medication, and even meditations. Anything that could temporarily help to relieve stress.
Those are methods that give a sense of relief but do not really solve the problems.

There are three types of abuses that people experience in their childhood and adolescence.
· physical abuse
· mental/emotional abuse
· sexual abuse
Many people, who were severely hurt during their childhood, created emotional blockages to prevent further emotional injuries, to the point of avoiding anything emotional.

Those people chose to stick to the logical pan of life, put on a mask so as not to expose their emotions, and they become cold, sharp, and cynical.

The Transformational Restart Method created a fundamental change.
The method does not focus on trying to resolve symptoms, behavioural patterns, or the logic of the conscious…

Using a variety of tools and methods creates a thorough and accurate diagnosis to identify the roots of the emotions that have been affected by those events and traumas.
And through hypnosis, we can skip the conscious part and go straight into the subconscious.

And then cleansing and releasing the painful emotional injuries from the subconscious.
it’s time to Help to rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem.

The advantage and strength of this process is that it works from the inside out.

The sensations of physical relief and inner strength sometimes can surprise people who have no idea where they came from.
They feel a renewed hope that they can achieve any goal they decide.

And you too can achieve all your goals and dreams!

Jacob Shekrel

From an early age, I was curious in understanding the human mind, (back in those years, I thought it was the brain).
And after that I met people who survived the Nazi Holocaust, and despite the tremendous suffering they experienced, they have managed to rebuild their lives and even to succeed in their business. Then I realised that we don’t know enough about the capabilities and potential of the human mind… That led me to invest decades of research.
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