My Mission

I have a dream!
My dream is to complete my mission in this current life to make the world a better place, to help a million people around the world to transform their lives.

My vision is established on human understanding.

At an early age, I got to know people who survived the horrors of the Holocaust.
People who were in the extermination camps and saw how the Nazis were murdering their families, people who saw death at every corner, and knew that at any moment they too could be exterminated, people who were hungry and sick, people that the Nazis tried to make them forget their identity as human beings…

For me, at my young age, those Holocaust survivors with the Nazi number tattooed on their arms, they were just like the mythical bird – the Phoenix which reborn from its own ashes.
Those survivors remarried and grown their families. They established new businesses, created art, some even became multi-millionaires. Despite their memories and pain, they reconnected to the spark of the energy of the human within them.

I’ve always been curious to understand the mind, the soul, the wonderful abilities that we humans have within us.

It made me realize that no matter how difficult were our childhood and youth,
despite all the traumas and scars, there’s always a way to overcome the difficulties and to succeed in life.
And the results of my work, speak for themselves.
One only has to want enough to go through the process and to believe that he can.

I want to explain why I emphasise the word ‘transformation’.

Change is an external process — changing habits, behaviour or attitude.
We can deviate 1% or 10% of our old behaviour and that is considered a change.

Whereas transformation is an internal process, done from the inside out.
Just like the caterpillar that becomes a cocoon that becomes a butterfly.
And when a transformation occurs, other people can notice it even before we see the changes.

I also believe in the sentence:
‘You can bring a horse into the water, but you can’t make it drink’.
I believe that everyone should and can undergo a process of transformation in their lives, but I also know that not everyone is ready for such a process.

Therefore, I chose NOT to work with people who are not ready, because they are usually just trying to convince you that the world is difficult and not good, and that change cannot be made…

Instead of wasting time just to convince them that it’s possible, I’d rather invest the time and help people who are ready to make a transformation and they only need a hand to guide them.

So, if you need a hand to guide you.
I invite you to contact me.

To be able to fulfil my dream, make the world a better place…
I need your help.
If you are familiar with a friend or a family member that despite all the years that had gone since their traumas occurred and who is still struggling with difficulties of hurt emotion and pain.
Tell them to talk with me so I can help them.

Jacob Shekrel

From an early age, I was curious in understanding the human mind, (back in those years, I thought it was the brain).
And after that I met people who survived the Nazi Holocaust, and despite the tremendous suffering they experienced, they have managed to rebuild their lives and even to succeed in their business. Then I realised that we don’t know enough about the capabilities and potential of the human mind… That led me to invest decades of research.
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