Diving and Corona

A few decades ago, during military service, I’ve been in operational diving.
I had to check the ship’s hull while docking in the harbour.
It was a simple dive, and I dived alone, without my diving partner.

There was a storm at the sea, and the ship tied to the dock was swinging from side to side.
The strong currents in the port caused the ship to bang hard on the huge buoys in the pier.

I was under the ship when I heard an unusual sound, “Pak.”
I realized something happened, I held my breath and listened…
When I started breathing again, water came into my mouth. I stopped.
I checked and realized that the mouthpiece remained in my mouth, but the regulator was cut off.

The logic says to go out immediately, and I was relatively close to the pier…
But if I would do that… I wouldn’t be here to tell the story right now.
Instead, I dove down, while grabbing the metal regulator without the mouthpiece.
I put the regulator in my mouth, holding it in my hand and renew my breathing.
I dived under the ship and went out to my team boat at the bow.

So why am I telling you this story?

We all have a gap in our lives, between the place where we are to where we wish to be…
And not knowing how to close this gap creates frustration and fears.
We are terrified of failing and of not realizing our dreams.

And now, this crisis of the Coronavirus is hitting us
Threatening our existence and of our family.
And our fears increase because the world’s leaders don’t really know how to deal with it.

So I’ve created two hypnosis audio to help…
And I share them for FREE.
My goal is to give them to millions of people in the world.

The first hypnosis is to overcoming fears and strengthening the immune system.
Now, If you’ve already received that hypnosis, do it more than once.
And for those who share it, I give another hypnosis for free,
The second Hypnosis to open the doors of Abundance & Wealth,
Because abundance is also associated with fears and mindset.

Probably you ask; Can this hypnosis really help me?
Yes, of course. It can help you.
It can improve results by 10% – 20% and maybe even more.

But hey, If you settle with only 20%, that’s wonderful. Enjoy it.

But, if you want to make a significant change.
So there is work to do.

And no, I’m not talking about more courses or knowledge which someone promised you that it will make a change in your life.

Look, you probably want that change for some years now.
And you already took some courses…
So I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about.
And despite all the good knowledge that you’ve learned,
you keep finding yourself at the starting point.

Do you what to know what kind of work I’m talking about?

Years ago when I was teaching scuba diving at my dive club.
I taught my students that if they have a problem while diving.
To escape out of the water to solve the problem only increases the danger.
And if they want to be safe? They need to solve the problem in the water…

So if you want to have significant success in your life?
Join me, and I’ll teach you how to solve the problems you already have.
And you’ll be able to see a significant change in your life.

What kind of problems?
We all have stories, events, or traumas that we experienced in childhood
And they left us scars.
True, it was a long time ago, and we’re trying to forget those scars,
But, the emotions that were created during those events are still bubbling up inside you.
And you are not aware that they are the cause of your difficulties;
of insecurity and lack of self-esteem

The stresses and anxieties you experience are mainly caused by the same problems and scars.
And now… we have another new problem, the Corona.
Causing more stress and existential fear.
And we have no idea from where it might appear.

The main problem is that fears weaken the immune system.
And that in itself can cause infection…

Can you see the connection?
Your fear is endangering your health,
And also prevents you from succeeding.

If you want to change that?

Click the button below.

And make an appointment on my digital calendar.
It’s a safe meeting, in an internet room.
I’m waiting for you there.

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Jacob Shekrel

From an early age, I was curious in understanding the human mind, (back in those years, I thought it was the brain).
And after that I met people who survived the Nazi Holocaust 
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