One of the main elements of corporate world culture is that it is based on competitiveness and obedience.

These principles were ‘programmed’ into people’s minds ever since they studied at school.

Admittedly, competitiveness feeds people’s desire to progress in life and to achieve an excellent job with high wages and prestige.

But on the other hand, this corporate culture creates two problems.

In the corporate world, there are three types of people: compassionate people, cooperative people, and aggressive people.

The first problem in corporate culture is that it becomes the ‘playground’ of aggressive people.

The other two types of people are usually the victims of aggressive individuals’ abuse.

These aggressive individuals are people who behave like Jordan Belfort from the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

These people humiliate others; they are cold, calculated, analytical and impatient to those who are not living at their pace.

Statistics compiled by the ‘Workplace Bullying Institute’ reports:

There are lots of numbers, but I want to show only the outcome, which represents the situation.

That 61% of employees who were victims of abuse left the workplace.
These are women and men who resigned themselves or were fired by the boss. (See Statistics here)

And only 15% of the aggressive type left the workplace.
This indicates that some of the aggressive people are in senior positions.

Studies show that workplace abuse is one of the major stressors, which increases the risk of heart disease, depression, extreme situations, and even suicide.

The second problem of corporate culture is the unforgiving attitude towards errors and mistakes.

This severely impairs self-confidence and self-esteem and is a major cause of stress and anxiety, leading to illness.

Another side effect is that the fear of making mistakes causes people not to take risks nor dare to take action.

And that directly affects the development of the company and its innovation.

That ‘fear of mistakes’ also causes corporate executives who are experiencing stress and anxiety to hide it.

They don’t want to be viewed as weak, nor become a victim of an aggressive competitive colleague who might think that they had lost their power.

And the only way they deal with the problem is by using a cocktail of medications like sedatives and others for hypertension and migraines.

Adding to all that, they use alcohol with the hope of forgetting.

No wonder that at this stage, they feel like they are on a roller coaster.
Not only are they exposed to high health hazards.
But also their relationships with their spouses sometimes end in a messy divorce.
And also, their job performance declines, which impacts their income.

Does this sound familiar to you?

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Jacob Shekrel

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Jacob Shekrel

From an early age, I was curious in understanding the human mind, (back in those years, I thought it was the brain).
And after that I met people who survived the Nazi Holocaust 
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