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Hypnosis to overcome fear and increase immune system

The CoronaVirus attacks people with a weak immune system.

The coronavirus is the newest and the 7th. in the coronavirus family which is known to mankind.
And it’s the only one that we don’t know yet how to deal with.

We know that it affects directly on the respiratory system.
We know that humans spread it from one to the other.
And it’s important to maintain hygiene.
And in the meantime, this virus damages the entire fabric of life we know;

Governments don’t know how to deal with it,
The virus creates major economic damage, entire industries are in a state of collapse (tourism).
Virus has put entire states into quarantine, preventing social meetings and gatherings.

It is preventing people from living the way they used to…
And worst of all, the Coronavirus created existential fear,
Especially when the media updates us daily on hundreds and thousands of people who die from it.

We also know that the virus attacks mostly older people,
They are in the highest risk group.
But it doesn’t miss also the young people,
And young people are the carriers and also the victims of the virus.
And we need to keep avoiding from infection,
So that we don’t pass it to our older relatives.

This is a known fact and many studies have been done,
Fears, stress, and anxiety cause damage and weaken the immune system.
And a weak immune system exposes us to a virus infection.

Vitamins, sun, and all other alternative ways to strengthen the immune system,
Are nice but NOT effective.
Vitamins do not solve fears or stresses.
Fear and stress are emotional problems and they’ll damage the immune system even if we consume vitamins.

And that’s where hypnosis comes in,
Hypnosis can directly influence the subconscious,
To release the causes of stress and fear,
And help the brain boost the immune system.

My name is Jacob Shekrel,
I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and mental strategist,

I took on myself a mission to help the world.
We have a commitment and mutual guarantee to help each other.

And we are currently facing two serious crises:
An existential crisis as a result of the virus.
And economic crisis.

This crisis doesn’t belong to one country or one person.
It’s a problem for all of us.

I have prepared two types of hypnosis that I share with every person in the world
The first hypnosis is:
Anti CoronaVirus Hypnosis
To strengthen the immune system and reduce fears.
And the second hypnosis:
Attract Abundance & wealth
To get rid of limiting beliefs that prevent people from generating revenue.
Together we can defeat the Corona.
The first hypnosis will be given to anyone who signs up here.

The second hypnosis is to encourage people to help us share the Anti CoronaVirus Hypnosis.