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Bob Proctor is recommending to work with Jacob

Here's What People Say Behind My Back

A. Eva Consultant Italy

Jacob is very intuitive and sharp, and very good at actively listening and giving the right feedback at the right moment. He was brilliant in guiding me to find what causes me trouble. And at the same time he was very smart in finding the path that leads to solve that.
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Ella A. Hawaii

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jacob and the work he does through a friend who highly recommended him. I have also trained in lots of modalities of healing techniques but Hypnotherapy has always intrigued me. I had session years ago that was very powerful so was excited
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Mira N.

Jacob helped me so much to grow into myself and my potential. We have worked together several times in the past year. I was having anxiety after working on some old family trauma. I was feeling old pain and I told him the emotions that were coming up and the difficulty that I was having, so he did a regression with me. > Continue Reading